Luxury Honeymoon Villas In Bali

Your honeymoon is a special time to celebrate your commitment to one another and honor your love. With our luxury Bali honeymoon villas, your new chapter begins in one of the most exotic and colorful locations on earth, with romantic splendor and lavish pampering.

Create your Distinctive Honeymoon

Your honeymoon should be distinctively yours, a perfect match for the two of you. With Bali Luxury Villas™, you can define your honeymoon with unique, romantic experiences. A sunset cruise, an afternoon on a remote beach, or a candlelight dinner with the musical backdrop of a string quartet … your honeymoon is sure to be extravagant bliss.

You are doing more than simply booking a luxurious place to stay when you reserve your private Bali honeymoon villa; you are designing your dream getaway.

Our experienced team of Indonesian and Western luxury hospitality professionals will create an itinerary based on your desires, sprinkled with unforgettable touches of romance. Let us know how you want to spend your honeymoon and we will ensure you experience Bali exactly as you wish. Whether you would like to see and experience the local culture or spend your days together alone in your private Bali honeymoon villa, we will orchestrate your entire stay to the finest detail.


Upon arrival to your honeymoon villa in Bali, you can be greeted with champagne and flowers included in your Bali honeymoon package. Enjoy  fabulous meals prepared by your in-house chef, whose experience and talent in local and international cuisine can surprise and delight all palates.

Start each day with a continental breakfast and relax each afternoon with coffee and tea. Book a massage for two and travel in the private comfort of your chauffeured car as you experience points of interest, entertainment, fine dining and more. Our distinctive five-star service provides the luxury you deserve.

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Bali Luxury Villas™ has been creating unforgettable Bali vacations for over twelve years. We have exclusive experience in building itineraries that highlight the best of Bali. Whether you are interested in the thriving musical, dance and art scene or desire to learn more about Bali’s unique culture, we will design your perfect getaway to ensure you experience Bali as you wish. The local charm and culture of this unique island can be enjoyed while you pamper yourselves in your private Bali honeymoon villa. It truly is the best of both worlds.

See our  guests’ testimonials to learn more about their experience with Bali Luxury Villas.